David Beckhami personaaltreener paljastab: kas alkohol ja tervislikkus käivad kokku?

David Beckhami personaaltreener paljastab: kas alkohol ja tervislikkus käivad kokku?
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Austraaliast pärit treener Shona Vertue, kes pani endise jalgpallitähe David Beckhami joogat armastama, leiab, et ka alkoholi juues võib olla tervislik.

Hoolimata sellest, et miinused kaaluvad plussid üle, ütleb treener, et ta lubab endale aeg-ajalt mõne joogi - nii kaua, kui ta hoiab reegleid, mis on kasulikud nii tema meelele kui pangakontole.

29.aastane Shina kirjutab Instagamis, et ta ei tarbi kunagi alkoholi, kui ta tunneb, et ta on õnnetu. "Selle asemel istun ma oma kurbuses (püüdes välja selgitada selle põhjuse). Joobumus ainult lükkab valu edasi ja pohmell muudab selle tugevamaks.

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Teine reegel on see, et ta alati sööb enne, kui mõne joogi teeb, aga mitte otse pärast toitumist, sest alkohol ja toit ei segune hästi, kui rääkida seedimisest. Naise sõnul on oma aeg selleks, kui mitte seedimisest hoolida, aga kindlasti mitte igal reedel sõpradega.

Kolmandaks joob ta seda, mis talle endale meeldib, selle asemel, et mekkida maitsetut kokteili lihtsalt selleks, et seal on vähem kaloreid. "Kalorid ei ole ainsad, mille pärast muretseda, vaid mürgi tarbimine, mis nõuab väga spetsiifilist eemaldamise protsessi meie maksas."

Viimaks ütleb Londonis tegutsev treener, et ta ei tee kunagi pohmelliga trenni. "Selle asemel on paremad võimalused puhkus, vee joomine ja kerge liikumine."

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Kas naise jutul on tõepõhi, peab ise järele proovima. Põhiline märksõna on aga mõõdukus!

ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION and HEALTH - I’m going to be controversial and give you my honest thoughts on Alcohol. For me, Alcohol is one of those things where the cons far outweigh the pros. Not just from a physiological perspective, but a psychological one also. In saying that, I have been known to enjoy the taste and effects of a good Old Fashioned, Negroni or Pinot Noir so I understand why and how it can bring pleasure to ones tastebud and Neuron community. Only because I’m frequently asked, here are some of the ‘rules’ that I place around alcoholic consumption that not only benefit my body, but my mind and bank account also; 1. I don’t ever drink when I’m unhappy. Instead I sit in my unhappiness (trying to understand or voice it’s cause). Intoxication only delays the pain of unhappiness and a hangover certainly makes it much worse. 2. I eat before I consume alcohol, but not straight after food consumption because alcohol and food don’t mix well, when it comes to optimal digestion (obviously taste is another matter). There is a time and a place to give little to no f**ks about your digestion but they should be reserved for special occasions, not every FriYAY night with the girls/guys. 3. I drink whatever pleases me and my tastebuds, rather than choosing some shitty, tasteless cocktail that has less calories. It’s not the calories in alcohol that one needs to be concerned with, it’s the consumption of a poison that requires a very specific detoxification process within the liver, resulting in the production of a toxic enzyme that puts the ‘hang’ in hangover. So if you are going to have a hangover either way, you may as well have actually enjoyed the drink you chose, rather than suffering one of those horrendous diet drinks. 4. Last but not least - I NEVER TRAIN WITH A HANGOVER - Instead rest, hydration and some light movement (for lymphatic support) is a better option. I am all for pleasure, but in moderation. Moderation makes it so much more valuable as well - enhancing the value pleasure in the end. In saying all that, I would totally finish the bottle if I was sat with that view, right now. Who else wishes they could jump into that picture? #vertuecrew

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